In our lives as animal caretakers, we all are faced at one time or another with a loss of our beloved animals. Their only fault is their lives are not as long as ours. This page is dedicated to the animals I have lost.

This page is dedicated to

Cafe', Sara, Star, Cody, Honesty, Silk and Jace.


Slick, Silk, Callie, Cody, Wyatt and I in August 2006

Honesty and I in 1986

Silk at 25 years young, September 2007

Jace at 7 months old, Grass Valley trial 2007

Cody the biggest little terrier I have ever met

Star the Siemese Princess at 16 years young 2007

Cody playing flyball, his most favorite game

Ember, Baby Cody and I in 1999